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 '87- Michelle Crawford Miller


'70- Kathleen Akers(1971) Williams  
'70- Melody Brydson Lombardo  
'70- Charles Doyal  
'70- Thomas Grinels  
'70- Charles Haas  
'70- Gary Holsomback  
'70- Richard Scott  
'70- Marjorie Shambaugh Wanzer  
'70- Janet Stone Reed  
'77- Marce Allen  
'77- Arlene Crane Daniels  
'77- Robert Jarvis  
'77- Donald Jones  
'77- Vickie Martin Riddle  
'77- Tracy Maynard  
'78- Denise Agre Agre-Gill  
'78- Sharon Bowen Durben/Farris  
'78- Jerry Coleman  
'78- Susan Marr Sparacia  
'78- Mark Swilley  
'87- Patricia Cooper  
'87- Kevin Johnston  
'87- Julie King  

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'70- Eric Bankit  
'70- Michael Carter  
'70- James Conley, III  
'70- Charles Doyal  
'70- Douglas Fisher  
'70- Thomas Grinels  
'70- Charles Haas  
'70- Christine Harrison Kufeldt  
'70- Albert Henry  
'70- James Herrin  
'70- Tony Hettler  
'70- Robert Massie  
'70- Jean-Luc Nash  
'70- Douglas Norton  
'70- Harold Petersen  
'70- Paul Phillips  
'70- David Roemer  
'70- Richard Scott  
'70- John Wiseman  
'72- John Burhoe  
'72- Teresa Martin Ludwig  
'77- Steve Cawthon  
'77- Debbie Chapman Talley  
'77- Frank Cotrupi  
'77- Harold Gardner  
'77- Reginald Harris  
'77- Tom Hass  
'77- Michael Higgins  
'77- Mario Ifill  
'77- Eric Johnson  
'77- Lloyd Johnson  
'77- Donald Jones  
'77- Kurt Marks  
'77- Patrick Morris  
'77- Calvin Ponton  
'77- Charles Schell  
'77- Chris Scott  
'78- Scott Blue  
'78- Jerry Coleman  
'78- Valerie Keyser Williams  
'78- Mary Shambaugh Rauchfuss  
'78- Tommy Wheat  
'87- Gina Brandon Ferrence  
'87- Bryan Eastwood  
'87- John Haven III  
'87- Dennis Hudgins  
'87- Eugene Latsch Jr.  
'87- Edward Merritt Jr.  
'87- Wendy Munson Johnson  
'87- Steven Spaid  

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Alumni in the U.S.
 California 19 
 Colorado 10 
 District of Columbia
 Florida 42 
 Georgia 26 
 Maryland 21 
 New Jersey 12 
 New Mexico
 New York
 North Carolina 46 
 Ohio 10 
 Pennsylvania 12 
 Rhode Island
 South Carolina 12 
 Tennessee 13 
 Texas 25 
 Virginia 586 
 West Virginia

Alumni Abroad:



Totals include confirmed and unconfirmed addresses as input by the reunion committee.


2,473 Alumni
(and counting)
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334 Alumni have added profiles to the Alumni Directory, so far.

Combined, we have 654 children and 296 grandchildren.

50 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces for a combined total of 564 years, including 3 still on active duty.

221 of us spent a combined total of 808 years earning 54 Associates, 145 Bachelors, 56 Masters and 6 Doctorate degrees.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 51 U.S. States or Territories, and another has visited 60 foreign countries.

22 of us have birthdays this month, and 18 of us have birthdays in April.

Currently, 45 of us are retired.

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Alumni Scam Sites:

Several so-called "alumni sites" claiming to be created "by and for Denbigh Alumni" operate by offering "free registration" to all Alumni. But, what they don't say until after you've registered is that every classmate will have to pay $20 (, $39 ( / or $120 ( / a year, for something as simple as reading a reunion announcement or contacting another classmate. And, even if you just sign up and create a "free" profile or post a "free" reunion announcement, they'll use that info for their "find out who's searching for you" scam, where they use your name in mass e-mails implying that you "may" be looking for other classmates, encouraging them to pay the fee to find out why.

Reunion Committees: Do your class a favor and stay away from these "free" sites! By simply adding a profile or reunion announcement to any of these sites, you become the scam!

To all the High Schools out there still linking to these sites: Shame on you!


  • - The Better Business Bureau gives them an F on a scale of A+ to F. ( link )
  • - reports on the $9.5M Class Action Settlement in 2010. ( link )
  • - has hundreds of complaints. ( link | link )
  • / - has hundreds of complaints. ( link | link | link )

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