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In Memory of Russell "Rusty" Reinhardt

Then and Now

Class of 1970
Denbigh High School

 Posted By: Mark Pugh Date: February 13, 2008 
    Sure was great to link up with Rusty at the reunion, after 36 years. We had several good visits that night. Shortly afterward came the news of his cancer and so quickly he was gone. We will miss you, Rusty. You were one of the really good guys in our class. DHS '70...Mark Pugh

 Posted By: Karla Brandon Broome Date: February 14, 2008 
    Rusty sat in front of me in one of my 11th grade classes and he was one of those who welcomed newcomers and made them not feel like an outsider. He was so nice to me, chatted with me, cracked jokes, and generally was a real cool guy. I'll always remember him for his kindness and compassion.

 Posted By: William "Bill" Young Date: January 16, 2009 
    Rusty was one of my best friends at school, along with Gary Ludi and Buster Beier. e had many a great time in school and out. If you played football you could always find Rusty by the little Pi Sign he had on the back of his helmet.

Rusty and Gary would always team up against Buster and I in anything we played. I was so excited when Rusty went to Kansas for college. He often asked me why I went into the Marines, Rusty was very anti-war, I was very surprised when I found out he ended up working with subs. How they got out of Kansas I'll never know.

We met up again a few years later and met every month for lunch. Then I became sick. Rusty passed away while I was in Norfolk. I knew Rusty was very ill as well. I never got a chance to say goodbye dear friend. But, I know you have Buster up there to help you around.

Miss you dear friend, I'll be seeing you.

 Posted By: Cristina "Cris" Beamer Stinespring Date: June 22, 2009 
    Rusty was such a great guy!As the saying goes "the good, they die young." I'll never forget hanging out with Rusty,Bill Y., Buster Beier & Gary Ludi my senior yr. Rusty even tried to help me with math--I was hopeless. Never will forget the time a bunch of us went to Wmsbg. & jumped the fence around (I think) the Governor's mansion. If we did that today, we'd end up in jail. Rusty, me and my hubby hooked up for dinner together several times. I'm sorry I didn't keep up with him.

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